What would you do? - by Sarah

If you’ve spent any time with me, you’ve probably heard me talk about my late Great Uncle Harry. I have him to thank for many happy childhood memories including kitchels (he was the caretaker of and lived above the town hall) and his cuckoo clock (he’d turn the hands to 12 o’clock).  

Whatever challenges life threw at him (infertility; his beloved wife Rose’s Alzheimer’s; a broken knee at 92; spending his final couple of years in a nursing home) Great Uncle Harry’s favourite saying was: ‘Mustn’t grumble’.  And he didn’t. 

Uncle Harry came to all our family dos. He loved the food, the banter, the board games. But the thing he loved best of all, I think, is our ‘Christmas dinner scratch card’ tradition.

Silence falls. The oldest person in the room is handed the lucky coin. They scratch while everyone watches. The coin is ceremoniously handed to the youngest person. Then it’s the next oldest person’s turn, the next youngest and so on. Oh the thrill of winning a tenner, or even a £1!

Since Uncle Harry died two years ago, we continue to scratch cards after turkey, before pudding, and we begin by raising a glass to him. It’s the time of the year I miss him most.

This Christmas the conversation turned to ‘What would you do if we won big?’. What would I do? While others talked of ditching or switching their jobs, I thought, ‘I’d do exactly what I already do!’ Even if we won squillions on a scratch card.

Several years ago, I went to a ‘manifest your dreams’ workshop and I made this vision board. I found it recently and was thrilled to realise the fun, nurturing and stillness I’d tried to capture on card are all high up on the agenda on all our retreats, and in my Reiki and Nia classes. And whether I’m penniless or rolling in it, fulfilling this dream will continue to be the reason why I jump out of bed in the morning.

If you can say the same then we’re one of the lucky ones. If you’d make massive changes then why wait for an unlikely lottery win (especially if like me you only play it once a year)? Even if you can’t ditch or switch your job, you can take steps, even small ones, towards creating a life you really love. That’s what Great Uncle Harry, the happiest man I’ve ever known, would do.