Wellness At Work

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Make your workplace happier…

Want to give your colleagues tools to supercharge their resilience and boost contentment? Our corporate wellness packages are designed to:
- build more connection and empathy within teams
- give employees creative problem-solving skills
- increase confidence
- improve communication
- foster resilience against stress

We offer a choice of workshops – full day, evening or lunch hour – to fit all budgets and time slots. We can work with you to design a tailored package to suit your workplace but some of the themes we suggest include:

Self-Care At Work
All too often, self-care falls to the bottom of the list in the working day - yet far from being an indulgence, it’s a must for productivity, staying on top of stress, being able to support colleagues and enjoying work. We look at what self-care really means (hint: it’s not all about massages and chocolate!) and how to practise it very simply every day to transform workplace wellbeing for everyone.

Writing For Creativity And Clarity
Journaling has been proven to help ease stress and boost creativity and happiness. As professional writers with more than 40 years’ experience between us, we can guide your colleagues to use the written word to understand situations, themselves and others, and to gain new perspective.

Harnessing Intuition At Work
Intuition is sometimes dismissed as a nebulous new-age concept – but all successful people know tuning into their inner wisdom is a reliable way to make decisions, alongside the facts and figures. We’ve run powerful retreats on tapping into your intuition and now we’ve wrapped up those exercises and activities into a package designed to help employees build trust in themselves and their gut feelings.