Would you like to get your friends together for a day or weekend retreat? A bespoke Retreat With Charlotte & Sarah can be an original, meaningful way to celebrate a big birthday, a forthcoming wedding or a friendship anniversary. So talk to us about what you have in mind. If you can provide a suitable venue, we can come to you – or we can suggest one of our regular venues. We’re open to any themes and can work with you to create your perfect retreat. Or be inspired by our existing package of retreats and choose one of these:

Self-Love Retreat

  • Discover the nine ingredients of self-love

  • See your own beauty - inside and out

  • Develop compassion for yourself

  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries

  • Find your joy

Intuitive Living Retreat

  • Identify the voice of your intuition

  • Understand what your dreams are telling you

  • Discover a journeying technique to connect to your wise self

  • Create a sacred space for greater intuitive power

  • Receive a Reiki treatment to connect with your third eye

Inner Child Retreat

  • Learn proven re-parenting techniques

  • Discover the healing power of play

  • Travel back in time to comfort your inner child

  • Reframe childhood struggles

  • Snuggle up and receive a spirit-lifting Reiki treatment

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