Heal Your Inner Child Day Retreat
Sunday 15 September 2019

SPACE studio,
15 Penrith Road, New Malden KT3 3QR

If you’re stuck in patterns that leave you unhappy or unfulfilled – whether that’s in relationships, work and/or other areas of your life – it may be because you’re making decisions from the vulnerable child inside you. The wonderful news? There are lots of techniques to re-parent your younger self and transform the way you live your life now. Join us for a one-day retreat to meet your inner child…

- Take a sacred journey back in time to connect with your inner child
- Learn 7 proven ‘re-parenting’ techniques
- Shake off conditioning and rekindle wonder through the healing power of play
- Snuggle up and receive a Reiki treatment 
- Feast on a nourishing vegan/vegetarian lunch

Cost £65